Media Production

Nubian Bantu Studio
Malawi Production Studio

Nubian Bantu production is an award-winning video production company with a studios in Malawi, Ghana, South Africa, and the United States. We offer many different services for every stage of the video production process , from the creative side to the marketing side.

Video Production Services in Malawi

Nubian Bantu production works in many video genres, with impressive results every time. Whether your video project is a full-scale documentary, music video or a TV commercial or any other type of video project,our media team has the talent and expertise to bring your vision to life, guaranteed.

Some of our media production services in Malawi include:

  • Documentaries (music/art/culture, event documentary, science, medicine)
  • Music Videos (HD camera)
  • Animation/Cartoon movies & shows.
  • Corporate films
  • TV Production (Full-Service)
  • Professional Services (camera teams, editing)

Contact us to ask about our Media Production services.